Max & Angela’s wedding

Tim Ereneta shares a Nasruddin story for World Storytelling Day.

And yes, it is raining while I’m telling this story.

I’d like to think that the US was a different place in the 60’s than it is now. This is a story about how my family and I dealt with one expression of racial prejudice.

Alexia shares a story about how a man from Japan man created a connection through the power of sing. Alexia went to see Masoro Emoto, the famous scientist who has studied the effect of thought and music on water, at the roman city of Bath in the UK. Dr Emoto created a truly magical moment that I will never forget.

How I overcome Scary Gorillas

A true story.

This is my life and this was the story I meant to tell:)

Not so long ago I was working with recruitment. 

One day I thought - All people carry a story. But all may not have the ability to tell it.

I did more than just thinking. I started Team Factory AB, a Swedish company, and trained and hired Sweden’s first career-storytellers. Five journalists and writers who, on the behalf of the job seeker, use a narrative form to create interest and illustrate the job seekers abilities and suitability for the job he or she seeks.

A Most Embarassing (for the teller) Family Story

Sueanne Shirzay shares a childhood story that shaped her life.

A girl, a painting, water, and a life lesson. 

A New World Within a Box - by Michael Margolis, @getstoried.

Francesca from NYC reflecting on the Hudson River and its meaning to her and family…listen to her music at

World Storytelling Day 2011-Rivers run deep. I’ve always been fascinated by underground water. This is a brief story about my family’s connection to a significant place in Ireland, and the water that flows beneath it.


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I`m Anu Weem, a librarian and storyteller from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I`m participating on various storytelling seminars. My last performings were on Larreta`s Museum and Fray Mocho`s Library, both here in Buenos Aires.
I dedicate my days to compile inmigrant stories to make a thematic performance about it.

Even us oldies can find love. This is the story of how a flood brought my partner and me together. We now share the once-flooded high rise condo, right on the shore of Lake Okanagan in Kelowna, British Columbia.

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